Carex comans Amazon Mist
An unusually coloured ornamental grass, with attractive silver green fine foliage with a lax habit, giving a misty appearance. Evergreen. Height 25cm

Carex comans Milk Chocolate
Dense arching mounds of strappy, 'milk chocolate' leaves which have a slightly pink tinge to the edges, turning orange-brown in the autumn. Sun or shade. Evergreen. Ht. 60cm.

Carex morowii Fisher's Form
Clumps of broadish mid green leaves with bold creamy margins. A good evergreen plant for edging borders or planted in masses for groundcover. Height 30cm (1 ft)

Carex morrowii Silver Sceptre
Very elegant form of evergreen sedge with wide green leaves edged with a crisp, silvery white margin. Slightly spreading. Sun or part shade. Height 30cm (1 ft)

Carex muskingumensis
Branching stems of mid green foliage. Sun or semi shade. Ht. 60cm.

Carex muskingumensis Silberstreif
Variegated grass with silver mid-rib. Evergreen. Sun or semi shade. Ht. 60cm.

Carex oshimensis Evergold
Superb evergreen sedge, forms a small clump. Leaves have a bright yellow stripe running through the centre which with age turns creamy yellow, Height 25cm

Carex Silver Sceptre
Very elegant form of evergreen sedge with wide green leaves edged with a crisp, silvery white margin. Slightly spreading. For sun or part shade, ideal in moist, well-drained soil. Ht. 45cm. Sp.60cm

Hakonechloa macra
Mounds of beautiful arching mid green leaves. Good autumn colour. Sun or semi shade. Ht. 25cm.

Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'
(Japanese Blood Grass) An extremely showy grass, narrow leaves are tipped blood red, becoming totally red by mid summer. Moist soil. Ht. 60cm

Luzula marginata
Handsome dense tufts of broad, glossy green leaves edged white. Good groundcover, evergreen. Shade. Height 45 x 35cm.

Luzula nivea
(Snowy Woodrush) Evergreen grass ideal for woodland or shade groundcover. Dark green leaves have silvery hairs along the edges. Height 30cms.

Miscanthus sinensis Ferne Osten
Excellent variety for autumn colour. Stunning flower plumes of purple-copper. Sun. Ht. 140cm.

Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Silberspinne
Narrow green leaves. Red-brown flower heads ageing to a silvery-pink. Sun. Height 90cm.

Miscanthus sinensis Variegatus
Striking white-striped foliage. Blooms are tinted red and appear in mid September. Height 1.5m - 1.75m

Miscanthus sinensis Zebrinus
(Zebra Grass) Bright green leaves with horizontal bands of creamy yellow, a most attractive grass. Full sun/light shade. Well drained soil. Deciduous. Height 120cm.

Molinia caerulea
(Purple moor grass) A British native. Makes stout clumps of soft, deciduous green leaves and produces long-lasting purplish buff flowers in summer. Prefers moist soil. Height 60cm.

Molinia caerulea Moorhexe
(Purple moor grass) Dark green foliage good for naturalizing and watersides. Seed heads are reddish brown to purple. Deciduous. Foliage 40cm, flowers 75cm

Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens
Grass like black leaves carry tiny lilac flowers in summer followed by black spherical fruits. Sun. Evergreen. Height 15cm.

Panicum virgatum Heavy Metal
(Blue Switch Grass) Leaves strongly glaucous-blue and strictly upright. Flowers have strong pink tones -July/August. Height 80cm with flowers up to 1.5m

Panicum virgatum Shenandoah
(Red Switch Grass) A charismatic grass, leaves tipped with deep purple in summer turning burgundy-red to purple-black in autumn, reddish-pink flower plumes. Aug-Sept. Ht. 120cm. Sun.

Pennisetum alopecuroides Hameln
Attractive, fluffy bottle brush flowers are light green, tinged with purple. Compact, narrow green foliage. Moist well drained soil. Sun. Height 60cm. Deciduous.

Pennisetum massaicum Red Buttons
Mounds of green foliage with burgundy highlights, combine with abundant attractive red flowerplumes which age to an off white. Long flowering season. Sunny spot, well drained soil. Height 1m. Deciduous.

Pennisetum Weserbergland
(Fountain grass) a very graceful form produces many creamy white flowers in late summer. Mounds of narrow green foliage, Deciduous. Sunny well drained position. Height 90cm-1.2m.

Stipa arundinacea
Graceful grass of mid green leaves flushed red and copper in late summer and autumn. Arching flower panicles of creamy brown. Evergreen. Sun or shade. Ht. 70cm.

Stipa tenuissima
Graceful grass with flowing foliage. Feathery plumes of creamy white in summer, fading to buff. Sun. Height 45cm.