Acanthus mollis
Deeply divided bright green leaves. Spires of mauve & white flowers. Summer. Sun. Ht. 1.5m.

Achillea Fanal
Feathery green-grey foliage. Flat heads of strong red flowers, with yellow centres. June - July. Sun. Ht. 75cm. Sp. 60cm.

Achillea Monpagode
Feathery, silver-grey leaves. Yellow cream buds opening to creamy white flowers. Sun. Ht. 90cm. Sp. 50cm.

Achillea Moonshine
Soft silvery foliage. Pale yellow flower heads. June - August. Sun. Ht. 60cm. Sp. 50cm.

Achillea Summer Wine
Clusters of deep claret flowers on slender stems held high over deep green feathery foliage. July - Sept. Sun. Ht. 70cm

Achillea Terracotta
Large heads of burnt orange flowers with soft grey-green leaves. Sun. Height 75cm.

Agapanthus Headbourne hybrids
(African Lily) one of the hardiest hybrids, Mid blue flowers in Aug/Sept. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil and full sun. Height 90cm.

Ajuga Catlins Giant
Very large dark purple-bronze leaves. Blue flowers in spikes above foliage, spring into summer. Ht. 25cm Sp. 60cm.

Alchemilla mollis
Clump forming pale green downy leaves. Sprays of lime green flowers. Summer. Sun or semi shade. Height 40cm.

Anchusa azurea Dropmore
(Alkanet) Richest blue flowwers on sturdy stems May to July. Prefers full sun. Height 90cm

Anemone hybrida Praecox
(Windflower) Single dark-pink flowers August to October. Sun or part shade. Height 50cm.

Anemone splendens
Deeply divided dark green foliage. Heads of pink-red flowers. Aug-Oct. Sun-shade. Height 75cm

Anemone x hybrida Andrea Atkinson
(Windflower) Single white flowers August to October. Sun or part shade. Height 70cm

Anemone x hybrida Richard Ahrens
(Windflower) Deeply divided dark green foliage. Semi double, deep pink flowers. August to October. Sun or shade. Ht 100cm

Anemone x hybrida Whirlwind
(Windflower) Semi-double white flowers August to October. Sun or part shade. Height 80cm.

Anthemis tinctoria E C Buxton
Ferny green leaves, masses of creamy-yellow daisies from May to July. Ht.50cm.

Aquilegia hybrid Barlow Black
Grey-green rounded, divided foliage. Double, deep purple flowers. May - July. Sun or semi shade. Ht. 50cm. Sp. 30cm.

Aquilegia McKana hybrids
Rounded, grey-green foliage. Mixed variety of colours, large flowers. May - July. Sun or semi shade. Ht. 75cm. Sp. 40cm.

Aquilegia Ruby Port
This attractive columbine has dark ruby-red flowers which are fully double and without 'spurs'. Flowers June-Aug. Sun or part shade. Height 70cm

Artemesia Powis Castle
Superb silver foliage for full sun, non-flowering. Height and spread 60cm

Artemesia stelleriana Boughton Silver
Excellent siver foliage, short, spreading groundcover. Yellowish flowers Aug/Sept. Height 40cm

Aruncus aethusifolius
Delicate bronzy cut foliage, cream flowers Jun-Jul, neat compact and shorter than the species 60cm. Easy.

Asphodeline lutea
(Jacob's rod) Tufted plant with almost grass-like narrow grey-green leaves. Spikes appear in May/June bearing numerous fragrant, star-shaped yellow flowers. Full sun or light shade in moist well drained soil. Height 90cm

Aster x frikartii Monch
This excellent border perennial is easy to grow, long flowering and mildew resistant. Light blue daisy flowers with yellow centre appear July - Oct. Sun. Height 80cm, spread 40cm. AGM

Astilbe x rosea Peach Blossom
Plumes of peach-pink flowers arise from masses of rich green, divided foliage in May-June. Plant in drifts for best effect. Moist soil. Sun-semi shade. Height 60cm Spread 45cm

Astrantia major
'Masterwort'. Pale green star-shaped flower heads, tinged pink, held high above deeply divided leaves. Sun or shade. Jun- Aug. Height 90cm

Astrantia major Claret
Wine-red flower heads held above dense clumps of dark green foliage. June - Sept. Happy in sun or part shade, thriving on moisture retentive soil. Ht. 40cm Sp. 40cm.

Astrantia major Sunningdale Variegata
(Masterwort) Pink-green flowers July to September; Striking early season foliage variegated yellow-green. Happy in sun or part shade. Height 75cm.

Bergenia cordifolia Rotblum
(Elephant's Ears) Large leathery oval leaves. Bright pink flowers on stout stems. Excellent groundcover. Feb- April. Sun or shade. Height 40cm

Bergenia Silberlicht ('Silver Light')
White bell-like flowers with pink calyces in April/May. Broad green heart-shaped evergreen foliage. Sun or shade. Height 30-45cm

Bergenia Wintermarchen
Small compact form with strong dark winter foliage colour with good red tints. Delicate drooping heads of deep pink flowers are produced in the spring. Flowers up to 30cm high.

Brunnera macrophylla Jack Frost
Green silver foliage. Sprays of light blue 'forget me not' flowers. April - May. Semi shade. Height 40cm

Campanula Kent Belle
Stunning, tall stems of large, rich violet flowers. Flowering June to Aug. Sun. Height 75cm.

Campanula persicifolia Chettle Charme
(Bellflower) Elegant stems of creamy white flowers tinged blue - June to August. Sun or shade. Height 60cm.

Campanula persicifolia Telham Beauty
(Bellflower) Large blue cups on elegant spires, flowering July - September. Sun or shade. Height 1m.

Campanula poscharskyana
Mid green leaves. Star-shaped pale lavender flowers with white centres throughout summer. Sun. Height 15cm Spread 60cm.

Campanula sarastro
Nodding, deep violet-blue tubular bell-shaped flowers are held over a clump of downy leaves. Flowers July/August. Sun/part shade. Height 45-60cm

Centaurea montana
(Perennial Cornflower) Silvery green leaves, clump forming. Stems of blue-purple divided flowers. May - July. Sun. Ht. 50cm. Sp. 60cm.

Cirsium rivulare atropurpurem
Deep purple thistle-like flowers held over a rosette of foliage over a long season May-Jun. Very attractive to bees and butterflies. Sun. Height 90cm

Clematis integrifolia Rosea
Sweetly scented, nodding clear pink bell flowers, deeper pink rib, reflexed twisted sepals expose yellow stamens on lounging stems set with fine foliage. July-Sept. Height 70cm

Coreopsis verticillata Moonbeam
Dark green feathery foliage. Masses of lemon yellow daisy flowers. June - Sept. Sun. Height 45cm

Coreopsis verticilliata Zagreb
(Tickseed) Blooms continuously through the summer with deep golden-yellow flowers. Highly recommended. Prefers sun. Height 30cm

Crambe cordifolia
Kidney-shaped dark green leaves. Branched panicles of white flowers. May-July. Sun. Height 2m Spread 1.5m.

Crocosmia George Davidson
Sword-shaped erect green leaves. Soft yellow lily-like flowers on arching stems. July - Sept. Height 60cm

Crocosmia Lucifer
Sword-shaped, erect bright green leaves. Double rows of orange-red lily-like flowers along arching dark bronze stems. July. Height 60cm

Cynara cardunculus
(Cardoon) Magnificent and statuesque! Clumps of huge, divided silver-grey leaves. Large purple flowerheads. Summer. Sun. Height 180cm

Delphinium belladonna Cliveden Beauty
Pale blue. Single, long-spurred flowers on open, branched stalks with many slender spikes. Usually requires no staking. Height 120cm

Delphinium Black Knight
Large deep purple flowers on tall stems. June - August. Sun. Height 180cm

Delphinium Cameliard
Favourites of the perennial border Delphiniums provide dramatic spikes of colour July - Aug. This selection has petals in shades of soft lavender blue Height 1.2m -1.5m (4-5ft)

Delphinium Galahad
An essential cottage garden plant adding drama to any border. Spires of pure white blooms from June - August. Sun. Height 180cm. Spread 60cm.

Delphinium x belladona bellamosum
Dark gentian blue flowers are produced over a long season. Plants seldom need staking. June - August. Sun. Ht. 120cm. Sp. 50cm.

Dianthus Musgraves Pink
Very beautiful single white flower with a green eye. Well scented. Sun. AGM

Dicentra spectabilis
Finely cut foliage. Heart shaped flowers, rose pink with white center. April - June. Semi shade. Ht. 70cm. Sp. 50cm.

Dicentra spectabilis Alba
Finely cut foliage. Heart shaped pure white flowers. April - June. Semi shade. Ht. 70cm. Sp. 50cm.

Dicentra Spring Morning
Medium-deep green ferny leaves, pale pink flowers over a long season from April onwards. Prefers sheltered, cool light shade. Height 30cm.

Digitalis Camelot mixed
Spectacular plants that reliably flower in the first year, with uniform flower spikes in a rich carousel of colour as the speckled, jewel-like blooms open all around the stout stems. Ideal for shady beds and borders. Ht. 90cm.

Digitalis x mertonensis
(Strawberry foxglove) Large deep pink flowers on short stems appear throughout the summer. Height 60cm

Echinacea Harvest Moon
(Coneflower) Fragrant deep golden-yellow flowers, well branched, toothed foliage. Flowers July to September. Very attractive to bees and butterflies. Height 60-75cm.

Echinacea purpurea
Lance-shaped dark green leaves. Large purple cone-shaped flowerheads, orange-brown centres. July-Sept. Sun. Ht.120cm. Sp.50cm.

Echinacea purpurea Magnus
Lance shaped green leaves. Large stiff, dusky pink daisy flowers with orange-brown centres. July - Sept. Sun. Ht. 80cm. Sp. 50cm.

Echinacea purpurea White Swan
Lance shaped green leaves. Large stiff, pure white daisy flowers with green yellow centres. July - Sept. Sun. Ht. 60cm. Sp. 40cm.

Echinops ritro Veitch's Blue
(Globe Thistle) Statuesque plant with bright blue flowers in July/Aug. Appreciated by bees. Full sun, good in poor soil. Height 80cm.

Epimedium perralchicum Frohnleiten
Semi-evergreen groundcover plant. Pendant bright yellow flowers, glossy deep marbled leaves, bronze when young, clump forming. April-May. Shade. Ht.40cm.

Eryngium Blue Hobbit
(Sea Holly) Compact variety. Blue Flowers July/August. Prefers a sunny position. Height 30cm (1 ft)

Eryngium x tripartitum
(Sea Holly) Beautiful widespread branches, carrying metallic blue flowerheads. Sun. July - Aug. Height 90cm

Erysimum Bowles' Mauve
(Perennial wallflower) Erect spikes of lilac-mauve flowers, forms a rounded evergreen bush of narrow grey leaves. Height 30-50cm. Flowering April - August

Eupatorium rugosum Chocolate
Clump forming. Stiff upright stems with maroon-brown leaves. White flowers July - Oct. Sun - semi shade. Height 90cm

Euphorbia amygdaloides var robbiae
This is an evergreen perennial with spreading stems, fleshy bright-green leaves, and clusters of yellow-green flowers in spring. Warning, can be invasive! Sun to deep shade. Height 60cm.

Euphorbia characias Marjery Fish Group
Architectural plant with grey-green evergreen leaves and yellow-green flowers in April/May. Prefers sun and well drained soil. Height 100cm CAUTION: skin and eye irritant

Euphorbia characias subsp. Wulfenii
Evergreen plant with grey green foliage. Lime green flowerheads. March - May. Sun. Height 120cm CAUTION: skin and eye irritant

Euphorbia cyparissias Fens Ruby
Honey scented early lime green flowers, narrow blue-grey leaves with maroon tips. Apr- June. Sun. Ht.30cm. Sp. 30cm.

Euphorbia griffithi Fireglow
Stiff, dark green leaves edged orange-red, topped with striking brick-red summer flowers that gently fade to yellow in autumn. Sun or part shade. Height 90cm. CAUTION: skin and eye irritant

Euphorbia martinii
Evergreen green-red foliage. Lime green flower heads. March- May. Sun and shade. Height 50cm CAUTION: skin and eye irritant

Euphorbia palustris
Dramatic heads of sulphur yellow bracts on strong stems in March/April. Good for naturalizing. Height 90cm. AGM CAUTION: skin and eye irritant

Euphorbia polychroma
Deciduous, domes of bright yellow bracts, April - May. Sun - part shade. Ht. 30cm. Sp. 30cm.

Geranium cantabrigiense Biokovo
Low growing with dense evergreen aromatic foliage. White flowers flushed with pink from May to July. Shade tolerant. Ht. 30cm.

Geranium endresii
Deep chalky pink flowers throughout spring and summer. Shiny mid-green leaves are semi-evergreen in winter. Sun to semi-shade. Height 45cm.

Geranium himalayense Gravetye
Large violet-blue flowers from June to August. Green foliage is deeply divided. Very hardy. A good alternative to Johnson's Blue flowering and holding it's foliage for longer. Height 45cm. AGM

Geranium Johnson's Blue
Clear blue, darker veined flowers above a dense cover of handsome, deeply divided, dark green leaves. Jun- Aug. Ht. & Sp. 30cm. Sun- semi shade.

Geranium Nimbus
A profusion of blue-purple starry flowers, fine light green leaves. Ht. 80cm. June.

Geranium phaeum Album
Small, reflexed white flowers, lobed soft green leaves, good in shade. Early summer. Ht. 60cm. Sp. 45.

Geranium phaeum Lily Lovell
Attractive, small purple flowers, lobed soft green leaves. Good in shade. Early summer. Ht. 80cm. Sp. 45cm.

Geranium phaeum Samobor
Leaves strongly zoned in deep chocolate. Small, deepest purple flowers. May-June. Semi-full shade. Ht. 60cm. Sp. 45cm.

Geranium psilostemon
Masses of vivid black-eyed magenta flowers with refined foliage. June to August. Full sun or part shade. Height 75cm. AGM

Geranium renardii Zetterlund
Large pale lilac flowers with deep purple veins in May/June. Sage green velvety leaves. Prefers sun. Height 30cm

Geranium sanguineum
'Bloody Cranesbill'. Cup-shaped deep purple-magenta flowers. Deeply divided leaves. May-Aug. Sun or semi-shade. Ht. 25cm.

Geranium sanguineum Album
Clump forming dark green foliage. Pure white flowers. June-Sept. Sun-semi shade. Height and spread 30cm.

Geranium Terre Franche
Lovely purple blue flowers on 45cm stems in June and July for sun or semi shade.

Geranium wallichianum Buxton's Variety
Bright blue flowers with very large white centres, trailing red-tinted foliage. July - Sept. Sun. Height 15cm

Geranium x oxonianum Lace Time
White flowers with prominent pink veining throughout. May - August. Sun. Ht. 45cm. Sp. 45cm.

Geum borisii
Dense hummocks of bright green, hairy, rounded leaves. Compact habit. Intense orange flowers May to September. Height 30cm

Geum Mrs. Bradshaw
Bright scarlet red semi-double flowers are produced on this cottage garden perennial over a long season. Growing up to 60cm (2').

Geum Queen of Orange
Very free flowering hardy perennial. Glowing orange single blooms rise on slender branching stems above compact mounds of fresh green foliage. Flowers all summer. Height 30cm

Helenium Moerheim Beauty
(Sneezeweed) Dark copper-red flowers with a brown centre. Flowering from early August to October. Sun. Height 90cm.

Helenium The Bishop
(Sneezeweed) Clear golden-yellow daisy flowers with a velvety brown centre. July-Sept. Thrives in most soils. Sun. Height 75cm

Helleborus argutifolius
(Corsicus) Clumps of shining leathery leaves. When established, stems of 20-30 flower heads of apple green flowers in April/May. Height 60cm.

Helleborus niger
(Christmas Rose) Dark green leaves form a beautiful setting for the nodding white blooms, often faintly tinged with pink; golden stamens. December to February. Height 30cm

Helleborus orientalis
Serrated deep green leaves. White cup shaped flowers, tinged pink. Feb - April. Semi shade. Ht. 50cm. Sp. 40cm.

Hemerocallis Anzac
Rich red flowers with yellow/green throat, July - August. Ht. 75cm Sp. 45cm

Hemerocallis Black Magic
(Daylily) Dark blackish-red starry flowers with a green throat. Flowers from late July. Sun. Height 95cm

Hemerocallis Bonanza
Pale orange flowers with a brown throat. Sun or part shade. July-Sept. Height 95cm.

Hemerocallis Christmas Island
Clumps of strappy mid green leaves. Large single scarlet red flowers, very open showing large contrasting yellow-green throat. June - July. Ht. 65cm Sp. 40cm

Hemerocallis Cream Drop
Clumps of strappy mid green leaves. Creamy flowers with a hint of green. Summer. Sun. Ht. 40cm. Sp. 40cm.

Hemerocallis Crimson Pirate
Mid green strap like leaves. Large flowers, red with yellow inner halo. June - July. Sun. Height 75cm

Hemerocallis Double River Wye
Mid green strappy leaves. Double, ruffled lemon yellow flowers. July - Sept. Sun. Height 70cm

Hemerocallis Golden Chimes
Mid green strappy foliage. Golden yellow flowers with reddish brown backs are produced in profusion. June - August. Sun. Height 60cm

Hemerocallis Stafford
(Daylily) Glowing crimso-red, star-shaped flowers, with prominent white midribs and a greenish-yellow throat. Flowers from mid July. Height 70cm.

Hemerocallis Stella de Oro
(Daylily). Canary- yellow flowers with orange throats. Jun-Aug. Sun. Height 55cm.

Heuchera Cappucino
Wavy, purple-chocolate leaves. Sprays of tiny cream flowers. June - July. Sun. Ht. 40cm. Sp. 35cm.

Heuchera Palace Purple
Evergreen crimson purple leaves with a satin sheen. Displays dainty sprays of tiny white flowers on slender upright stems from early summer. Height 45cm. AGM

Heuchera Plum Pudding
(Coral Bells) Evergreen. Very deep red, dark marbled ruffled leaves. Tiny maroon and green flowers, one of the best dark varieties. Moist well drained soil in sun/part shade. Height 50cm

Heuchera Ring of Fire
Green leaves have a silver overlay and purple veins. Pale pink flowers in summer. Dry shade tolerant once established Height 20cm.

Hosta Blue cadet
Blue, heart shaped leaves. Dark lavender flowers. Shade. July-Aug. Ht. 40cm. Sp. 40cm.

Hosta Fire and Ice
Heart shaped leaves with white centres and dark green margins. The lavender flowers bloom from July to August. Height 45cm. Prefers full shade and moist, well-drained soil.

Hosta fortunei var. Aureomarginata
Golden edged large green leaves. Lilac flower spikes. July - August. Semi shade or shade. Height 75cm

Hosta Francee
Rich mid green leaves with white margins. Lavender flowers. July. Semi shade or shade. Ht. 75cm. Sp. 65cm.

Hosta Frances Williams
Puckered glaucous leaves with beige variations, mauve flowers. June-Aug. Shade. Height 75cm.

Hosta Gold Standard
Outstanding, yellow rimmed with green leaves, pale lavender flowers. Semi-shade or shade. Jun - Aug. Height 60cm

Hosta Golden Tiara
Small, gold edged green leaves. Lilac flowers. June - July. Semi shade or shade. Height 30cm

Hosta Halycon
A beautiful architectural plant, with a mound of silver-grey leaves and mauve flowers. July-Aug. Moist well-drained soil, part-full shade. Height 30cm

Hosta Royal Standard
A robust green-leaved favourite, with white, slightly scented flowers Aug/Sept. Height 90cm

Hosta Sum and Substance
One of the biggest hostas! Huge green gold leaves, thick textured. Lavender flowers. June - August. Sun or shade. Will colour gold best in sun. Height 100cm

Hosta undulata var. undulata
White variegated green leaves, light purple flowers July - September. Height 45cm.

Iris Action Front
Soft scent. Large flowers, rich mahogany-red falls with cream veining, golden yellow beard and dusky brown-mauve standards. Up to 8 flowers per stem! Sun. May-June. Ht. 85cm.

Iris Braithwaite (Tall bearded)
Deep purple falls, bright yellow beard and pale blue standards. Up to five flowers a stem! Scented. May - June. Sun. Height 80cm

Iris Bronzaire
Richly coloured, bronzed, golden flowers, with darker colouring on the falls, which have touches of red streaking. Height 45 - 60cm.

Iris Carnival Time
Scented. Complex colours, amber edged darkening to chestnut-red centre falls, overlayed with delicate velvety blue bloom.Compact, ruffled standards of coppery-brown. Sun. May-June. Ht.75cm.

Iris chrysographes
Mid green strap like foliage. Deep purple/ black flowers. Prefers moist conditions and sun. June - July. Height 70cm

Iris Deep Black (Tall bearded)
Delicately scented, deepest, richest velvety indigo. Semi-reflexed falls virtually black. May-June. Sun. Height 90cm.

Iris Harriete Holloway (Tall Bearded)
Huge flowers coloured mid blue, lighter in centre, with buff veins. Blue standards. Scented. May - June. Sun. Ht. 105cm. Sp. 60cm.

Iris Jane Phillips (Tall Bearded)
Scented classic flowers. Pale sky blue with reflexed falls. Very attractive. May - June. Sun. Height 90cm

Iris Ola Kala (Tall bearded)
Spicy scent. Nicely proportioned, golden yellow flowers shot through with amber. Up to 5 flowers per stem. May-June. Sun. Height 90cm.

Iris Quechee
Velvety burgundy-garnet falls, softer burgundy standards. Rich orange-chocolate scent. 5 flowers per stem. Flowering May/June. Height 75cm.

Iris Sable (Tall Bearded)
Rich deep purple flowers, well spaced on stem. Scented. May - June. Sun. Height 80cm

Iris sibirica Dreaming Yellow
Mid green foliage, strap like leaves. Wide gold-centred pure white flowers. June-July. Height 90cm. Sun or semi shade.

Iris sibirica Silver Edge
Mid green foliage, strap like leaves. Purple blue flowers with slim silver edge. June - July. Sun or semi shade. Height 70 cm

Iris White City (Tall Bearded)
Very pale blue, maturing to white. Slightly scented. May - June. Sun. Height 90cm

Knautia macedonica
Sprays of small double dark crimson scabious-like flowers June - Sept. Loved by butterflies and bees. Sun. Height 60cm

Kniphofia Bee's Lemon
Lemon yellow pokers opening from green buds, noticable toothed leaf edge. Flowers June - September. Sun. Height 75cm - 90cm

Kniphofia Drummore Apricot
Apricot poker flowers opening from green buds, bronzed stems. Jun-Sept. Height 75cm. Sun.

Kniphofia triangularis sub. Triangularis
Vivid orange-red poker flowers. June - Oct. Sun. Height 70cm

Leucanthemum Esther Reed
(Shasta Daisy) Basal tufts of dark green foliage. Fine double white daisy-like flowers with a yellow eye. Sun. June - July. Height 45cm

Leucanthemum Goldrush
This new variety of Shasta daisy boasts multi-petalled, ruffled flowers that are softly shaggy, opening creamy-white and turning pale gold as they mature. Height 75cm

Leucanthemum Silver Princess

Large pure white, single flowers are produced above compact, bushy mounds of foliage. Repeat flowering from May onwards. Ht. 40cm

Leucanthemum x superba Sonnenschein
(Shasta Daisy) Large single flowers are creamy-yellow with a gold eye. Flowering July/August. Sun. Height 60-90cm.

Ligularia dentata Desdemona
Vivid orange flower heads in July/Aug are held high above handsome dark purple leaves. Prefers moist soil. Height 120cm (4ft)

Ligularia przewalskii
Divided dark green leaves. Long stems carrying golden yellow flowers. June - August. Sun or semi shade. Moist soil. Height 100cm

Liriope muscari
(Lilyturf) Low evergreen grassy foliage, elongated flower spikes like those of grape hyacinths, with similar blue colouring from Aug to Nov. Good groundcover. Height 30cm

Liriope muscari Silver Ribbon
(Lilyturf) Low evergreen grassy foliage which is intensely silvered. Occasional flower spikes from Aug to Nov. Sun/part shade. Height 30cm

Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria
Purple red foliage with spires of scarlet red flowers. July - August. Moist but well drained soil in sun. Height 75cm

Macleaya cordata
(Plume Poppy) Large lobed grey green leaves. Panicles of creamy buff flowers. July - Sept. Good moist soil and dappled shade is ideal. Height 170cm

Macleaya microcarpa Kelway's Coral Plume
(Plume Poppy) Large blue/green leaves are flushed pink. Plumes of deep pink flowers appear July - Sept. Good moist soil and dappled shade is ideal. Height 170cm. AGM

Monarda Cambridge Scarlet
(Bergamot) A clump forming perennial with bright scarlet flowers and aromatic foliage. Moist, well drained soil, in sun or part shade. June-Aug. Height 75cm.

Monarda Mahogany
(Bergamot) Clump forming perennial with aromatic foliage. Wine red flowers from mid summer to early autumn. Grow in moist well drained soil in full sun/part shade. Height 90cm

Nepeta faassenii
(Catmint) Clump forming plant with aromatic foliage. Masses of lilac blue flowers. June - Sept. Well drained soil, sun. Height 30cm.

Nepeta govaniana
Bushy, pale green growth. Graceful spikes of unusual small lemon-yellow flowers. July - Sept. Prefers part shade or sun if given a cool root-run. Height 90cm

Nepeta grandiflora Dawn to Dusk
(Giant Catmint) Very plae mauve-pink flowers with dark reddish calcyces July/Aug. Sun. Height 65cm

Nepeta musinii
(Catmint) Clumps of spreading stems with aromatic foliage. Masses of lilac blue flowers. June - Sept. Sun. Height 30cm.

Nepeta Six Hills Giant
(Catmint) Tall and strong growing with aromatic grey-green foliage. Masses of lavender blue flowers June - Sept. Cut back for repeat flowering. Sun. Height 90cm

Origanum Country Cream
(Marjoram) Attractive cream edged, aromatic foliage. Small white-pink flowers June - Sept. Sun. Height 30cm

Origanum laevigatum Hopleys
(Margoram) Aromatic small rounded foliage. Pink purple flowers. Free flowering. Sun. June - Sept. Height 60cm

Paeonia lactiflora Sarah Bernhardt
(Peony) Double, fragrant rose-pink flowers, inner petals ruffled silvered margins. Sun and well drained soil. May - July Height 90cm. AGM

Paeonia President Roosevelt
(Peony) Brilliant double red, very large rose form. Great cut flower. Sun and well drained soil. Height 90cm

Papaver Garden Gnome
(Icelandic poppy) Upright, tuft forming perennial. Shades of white, yellow, orange and red flowers. Summer. Grow in well drained soil in full sun. Height 30cm

Papaver orientale Charming

(Oriental poppy) Feathery green mounds of foliage. Soft pink petals with a central maroon blotch. May - June. Sun. Height 90cm

Papaver orientale Patty's Plum
(Oriental Poppy) Silky, mulberry-plum coloured early summer flowers and bristly, grey-green leaves. May/June. Sun, moist well drained soil. Height 90cm.

Papaver orientale Turkenlouis
(Oriental Poppy) Single deep scarlet-orange flowers have deeply fringed ruffled petals with a large black central blotch. Flowers May - July. Sun. Height 70cm.

Papaver orientale Victoria Louise
(Oriental Poppy) Large single blooms salmon-rose/coral colour. May - July. Sun. Height 60cm

Papaver orientalis Marcus Perry
(Oriental Poppy) Single, bright scarlet/orange flowers with a black blotch at the base. Flowering May - July. Height 75cm.

Penstemon Andenken an Friedrich Hahn (Garnet)

Free-flowering, bright crimson flowers are produced throught summer and autumn. Very hardy and dependable. Sun. Height 80cm.

Penstemon Blackberry Ice
Deep purple flowers with white fleck in throat. Flowers throughout summer until first frosts if dead-headed. Height 70cm. Sun.

Penstemon Blackbird
Deep dusky maroon, tubular flowers with small white inner throat with narrow maroon stripes. Flowers all summer until first frosts. Sun. Height 70 -90cm.

Penstemon Hidcote Pink
Sturdy upright plant with mid green leaves. Bright rose flowers with cream throat. Prolific and tough. Summer-Autumn. Sun. Height 60cm

Penstemon Ice Cream Juicy Grape
Vigorous new variety with large pinky/violet flowers and truly beautiful markings. Flowers May - November. Compact bushy habit. Height 60-70cm

Penstemon Raspberry Ice
Foxglove like flowers of raspberry red with veined throats. Flowers throughout summer until first frosts. Height 60cm

Penstemon Raven
Mid green leaves. Tubular deep purple flowers with red purple throat. Summer - Autumn. Sun. Height 60cm

Penstemon Snowstorm
Narrow mid green leaves. Tubular pure white flowers. Summer - Autumn. Sun. Ht. 60cm

Penstemon Sour Grapes
Spikes of reddish violet flowers toning to deep mauve with a white throat. Height 60cm. Flowers summer - autumn. AGM

Penstemon Sweet Cherry
Vigorous new variety with large flowers and truly beautiful markings. Flowers May - November. Compact bushy habit. Height 60-70cm

Penstemon Wedding Day
Creamy white flowers from summer all the way through to autumn. Plant in well-drained, fertile soil in full sun or partial shade. Height 80cm

Persicaria affinis Darjeeling Red
(Bistort) Mat forming green foliage. Deep pink/red flowers on spires. July - Sept. Excellent groundcover. Sun. Height 30cm

Persicaria bistorta Superba
(Common Bistort) Tall with large broad leaves. Spikes of soft pink bottle brush flowers May - June. Sun or semi shade in moist soil. Height 70cm AGM

Phlox Mount Fuji (Fujiyama)
(Border Phlox) Pure white flowers, late flowering and tall. Sun and moist well drained soil. July- Sept. Height 90cm. AGM

Phlox paniculata Border Gem
(Border Phlox) Dark violet flowers with a white eye. Foliage dark green flushed purple. Sun and moist well drained soil. July- Sept. Height 90cm.

Phlox paniculata Starfire
(Border Phlox) Best crimson/red variety, striking dark foliage, holds colour. Vigorous. Flowering July - September. Height 90cm

Phygelius Funfare Yellow
(Cape Fuchsia) Clear lemon yellow tubular flowers held on bushy growth. May - Sept. Sun. Height 80cm

Polemonium caeruleum
(Jacob's Ladder) Clump forming with finely divided foliage. Erect stems topped with violet-blue flowers. Sun/part shade. May - June. Height 60cm

Polemonium caeruleum Alba
(Jacob's Ladder) Clump forming with finely divided foliage. Erect stems topped with bell-shaped white flowers. Sun/part shade. May - June. Height 60cm

Polygonatum x hybridum
(Solomon's Seal) Graceful, arching stems with precisely paired, oval leaves. Dangling green-tipped, white bells persist throughout late spring and early summer. Shade Height 75cm

Potentilla atrosanguinea

(Cinquefoil) Strawberry-like foliage. Scarlet red open cup-shaped flowers on arching stems. June - July. Sun or semi shade. Height 40cm

Potentilla thurberi Monarch's Velvet
(Cinquefoil) Sumptuous almost velvety, rasberry-red flowers with a deep red centre. Reliable and prolific. Flowering June - August. Height 40 - 60cm.

Primula Candleabra Hybrids
Spikes of very delicate florets appearing in whorls up the stem in a wide range of colours. Thrives in sun or shade. Height: 30-60cm

Primula veris
(Cowslip) Golden-yellow drooping, cup shaped flowers over grey-green wrinkled leaves. Flowers March/April Height 15-25cm. AGM

Primula Vialli
(Red-hot poker primula) Clumps forming light green foliage. Interesting poker flowers, red in colour turning pink. June - July. Semi shade. Height 30cm. AGM

Primula vulgaris
(Primrose) Upward-facing , flat-faced light yellow flowers arising from rosettes of mid green leaves.Good for naturalizing in woodland and shaded grassland. Flowers March/April.

Pulmonaria Longifolia
(Lungwort) Dark green leaves with white spots. Clusters of intense blue flowers held above foliage. April - June. Semi shade or shade. Height 30cm

Pulmonaria saccharata Mrs.Moon
(Bethlehem Sage) Mounding habit with silver-spotted leaves. Pink flowers. Semi shade or shade. Height 30cm

Pulmonaria Sissinghurst White
Masses of white flowers over heart-shaped, spotted leaves. March to May. Height 25cm. AGM

Pulsatilla vulgaris White
(Pasque flower) Downy feathery foliage. Open cup-shaped flowers of pure white, yellow centres. Sun. April - May. Height 25cm

Rodgersia pinnata Superba
Large, textured green-bronze leaves. Pinnate foliage on red stems. Branching panicles of small rose-pink flowers. An architectural plant. Moist soil. June - July. Semi shade. Height 90cm AGM

Roscoea auriculata
Clump forming light green, sheath-like leaves. Exotic orchid-like purple flowers paling towards centre. Lush foliage. Fully hardy. June - August. Sun or semi shade. Ht. 40cm.

Roscoea cautleyoides
Slender light green, sheath-like leaves. Exotic orchid-like soft yellow flowers. Lush foliage. Fully hardy. June - August. Sun or semi shade. Height 40cm

Rudbeckia fulgida Deamii
(Coneflower) Deep yellow daisy-like flowers with a dark centre, strong and upright. July - Sept. Height 75cm. AGM

Rudbeckia occidentalis Black Beauty
(Coneflower) A stunning and extraordinary plant with luminescent black cones ringed with gold and mid-green leaves. Flowers Aug to Oct. Sun or partial shade. Height 100cm.

Rudbeckia occidentalis Green Wizard
(Coneflower) Strikingly different flowers with black cones surrounded by green bracts. July - Sept. Sun. Height 100cm.

Rudbeckia var. sullivantii Goldsturm
(Coneflower) Large golden-yellow flowers, black cone centre - strong and upright. July - Sept. Height 75cm. AGM

Salvia nemerosa East Freisland

Upright compact plant. Mid green leaves. Spikes of many small deep purple flowers. June - October. Sun. Height 40cm

Salvia nemorosa Mainacht (May Night)
Upright stems with dark blue-purple compact flowers. Magnet for bees. Height 45cm. Jun- Aug. Sun. AGM

Salvia officinalis Purpurascens
(Purple Sage) Hardy perennial, Blue, mauve flowers in summer. Aromatic, oval, textured purple/grey-green leaves. Culinary and medicinal uses. Sun Height 70cm

Scabiosa Barocca
A lovely new variety of Scabiosa this is a tidy plant with a compact habit. Violet/purple 'pin-cushion' flowers frosted white appear in profusion throughout summer.

Scabiosa Chile Black
Long-flowering plants with maroon pincushion flowers. A magnet for butterflies and bees. Height 50cm. June-Oct. Sun.

Scabiosa perfecta Blue
(Pincushion flower) Clump-forming. Lance-shaped grey-green leaves. Lavender-blue flowerheads June to September. Sun. Height 60cm

Scabiosa perfecta White
(Pincushion flower) Clump-forming. Lance-shaped grey-green leaves. Frilled white flowerheads June to September. Height 60cm

Sedum Bertram Anderson
Sprawling stems with egg-shaped grey-green leaves flushed dusky purple. Deep red flowers Aug/Sept. A magnet for butterflies and bees. Height 25cm. AGM

Sedum spectabile Autumn Joy
(Ice Plant) Fleshy grey-green foliage. Stout stems carry large heads of green flowers turning dusky then deep pink. Aug - Oct. Sun or semi shade. Height 65cm. AGM

Sedum spectabile Brilliant
(Ice Plant) Succulent blue-green foliage is accomanied in summer by flat heads of masses of tiny carmine pink flowers. Highly attractive to butterflies and insects. Sun. Height 45cm. AGM

Sedum telephium Matrona
(Ice Plant) Fleshy maroon-coloured stems with olive-green flushed purple leaves. Stout stems carry large heads of pale pink flowers with white bracts. Aug - Sept. Sun or semi shade. Height 50cm

Sidalcea Croftway Red
(Prairie Mallow) Glossy green rounded leaves. Upright stems carry hollyhock-like flowers, deep reddish-pink in colour. June - August. Sun. Height 70cm

Sidalcea Elsie Heugh
(Prairie Mallow) Glossy green rounded leaves. Upright stems carry small hollyhock like flowers, shell pink in colour. June - August. Sun. Height 70cm. AGM

Sisyrinchium striatum Aunt May
Sword shaped, striped white and green Iris like leaves. Flower spikes of pale yellow flowers. June - July. Sun. Height 40cm

Symphytum Goldsmith
Low mounds of dark green leaves, suffused with cream and yellow. Blue, white and pink bell-like flowers. Sun or part-shade. Early summer. Height 15cm.

Tiarella cordifolia
(Foam Flower) Airy, erect white spikes, flushed pale pink, pointed pale green leaves. Good spreading evergreen ground cover for sun or shade. May-June. Height 30cm. AGM

Tradescantia x andersoniana Charlotte
(Spiderwort) Clump forming, bearing lance- shaped mid-green leaves and clusters of large rose-pinkflowers. June-Sept. Sun/part shade. Height 50-60cm.

Tradescantia x andersoniana Leonora
(Spiderwort) Clump forming, bearing lance-shaped leaves and clusters of blue flowers. June-Sept. Sun/part shade. Height 60cm.

Tricyrtis hirta
'Toad Lily'. Exotic-looking plant with hairy leaves. Large white flowers, spotted purple, held upon tall stems. August - Oct. Semi shade. Height 70cm.

Tricyrtis hirta Albomarginata
'Toad Lily'. Exotic plants with cream variegated hairy leaves and large white flowers heavily spotted purple. Moist and shady. Height 80cm. Aug-Oct.

Tricyrtis Tojen
'Toad Lily'. Exotic plant with compact leaves. Large white orchid like flowers with a purplish tinge. Striking. Sept - Oct. Semi shade. Height 50cm.

Tulbaghia violacea
Pink/mauve flowers looking very much like an Agapanthus flower head. Flowers throughout summer. Very adaptable plant - drought resistant. Prefers sunny position, well drained moist soil.

Tulbaghia violacea Variegata
(Society garlick) Narrow green leaves with white margins smell of garlick. Pink flowers looking similar to an Agapanthus appear throughout summer. Drought tolerant but better with moisture. Sun. Height 30cm

Verbascum Gainsborough
(Mullein) Rosettes of grey foliage. Spires of soft yellow flowers. June - Aug. Sun. Height 90cm.

Verbena bonariensis
A tall perennial producing slender flower stems bearing small purple flowers on branching tips from June to Oct. Attractive to butterflies. Sun. Height 1 - 2m. AGM

Veronica gentianoides Tissington White
(Speedwell) White flowers delicately lined with pale blue -May/June. Sun. Height 30cm

Viola labradorica Purpurea
Dark green leaves, flushed bronze-purple when young. Pale purple flowers. Sun-semi shade. Spring onwards. Ht. 8cm. Spreading.

Zantedeschia aetheopica Crowborough
(Arum Lily) Striking architectural plant with large, glossy foliage. Large, white, hood-shaped flowers in late spring/early summer. Prefers to be grown in damp soil or even shallow pond margins also happy grown in containers. Height 90cm